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    If you do not like contact forms: miren@artforlife.es

    And if you prefer to come over,Urgull 4, 48991 Getxo. Bizkaia

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    Miren Lauzirika
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    Because to work is also to create.

    Art for Life!.
    Creativity that transforms.

    Art for Life helps you to awaken the  creative capacity  in your organization. To solve current and future challenges in processes where  people take the lead. 

    If your organization needs new ways of thinking and doing, Art for Life allows you to foster inspiration with a structured creative process.

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    Art for Life makes team processes more creative.

    In Art for Life, rational and intuitive thinking go hand in hand. Because offers your professional environment innovative tools to make people, ideas and processes flow.

    If you work in an organization and you

    • Want creativity to be more present in your processes
    • Want more ideas in less time
    • Think you need more inspiration without going off the rails

    ...make your methodologies evolve.


    Art for Life is synonymous with creativity for your organization

    Individual and collective creativity is key to change for the better.
    Improve the team´s vibe, create more and better ideas in all areas:

    Create processes where content, form and objectives are aligned.

    Get concrete tools to think differently; to turn fuzzy goals and shaky ground into smart processes.

    Turn your undefined dreams into tangible results, through a method that grounds ideas in reality and targets a shared, objective.


    Art for Life brings an external perspective to your organization. Designing and facilitating processes, taking into account time, energy and depth of content. Art for Life's more than 10 years of experience allows you to combine methodological tools to create the one your organization needs now.

    • Awaken the creative potential.
    • Sharpen innovation skills.
    • Infuse team thinking with strategic vision.
    • Nurture the sense of community.
    • Apply new methodologies to make the music of collective talent sound.

    Learn more by reading specific cases of companies, institutions and associations.

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    Art for Life