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    Art Thinking
    at work

    "My work aims to encourage dialogue.... All I do is ask questions."

    Shirin Neshat, artist

    When can Art Thinking help you to work better.


    • In your organization or company you want people to feel alive and you like to generate reflection and fruitful dialogue.
    • Your team's collective knowledge is enough to make decissions, but you need help to take concrete steps to move forward faster.
    • You know that strategic decisions are made by combining rational thinking with intuition - from the Latin Intuitio, to look inward - and out of the day-to-day maelstrom.

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    What is Art Thinking?

    Can you imagine a work meeting in a museum or in front of a sculpture? The observation of art works, with the help of key questions, helps addressing strategic issues in organizations

    Using an innovative consultancy methodology, participants explore specific works of art using them as visual metaphors, as mirrors in which to observe a specific challenge to be explored.

    In this way, they activate their most intuitive facet to reflect on key professional issues. A dialogue is created between the work and the participants.

    Through Art Thinking, new conclusions and connections are reached, while helping to share the vision and understand the challenge in a deeper way.

    What does Art Thinking bring to your organization?

    Art for Life uses Art Thinking so that, through dynamic observation, you can take these art works as a mirror where you can see reflected the challenge to be addressed.

    Art Thinking at work is done in a group. This multiplies listening and allows to increase the connection and the shared vision.

    This way of working:

    • It is a method designed to face strategic issues, to approach them from a greater mental freedom. It is thinking "out of the box".
    • It offers a space of trust to explore the roots of the organization's challenge.
    • The associations that each person generates between the artwork and the issue to be worked on connect very directly with the genuine motivations and desires of the team. They emerge in a more authentic and collaborative way.

    Why use Art Thinking in your company?

    • It is applicable to any sector.
    • You work on key issues such as future strategy, how to improve internal communication; how to face the digital transformation of the company; explore the shared vision....
    • There are precedents, from 1989 in New York to the present day, of using works of art to work on issues and learn.
    • It does not require any previous knowledge of art.

    Learn about the work process developed by Art for Life through the Art Thinking methodology.

    Explore with the help of Art for Life what challenge you want to work on.

    • Depending on the location of your headquarters, the exhibition is selected.
    • Art for Life selects a maximum of four works to work on.
    • On the day of the session, the group arrives at the exhibition. With the help of the consultant, questions are asked during the session.
    • The session ends, but beforehand the participants synthesize the work done in the form of visual conclusions.
    • If necessary, a later session is held to ground concepts in-Company.
    • A document is drawn up that summarizes what has emerged from the process.

    Organizations can continue working with the consultant or independently, incorporating new questions and reflections arising from the experience.

    Are you curious and want to know more? Do you have questions related to the topic you want to work on? Contact Art for Life

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