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    The Art for Life
    style tools

    Tools and methodologies give wings to inspiring analysis and novel ideas while motivating lateral thinking in participants.

    These techniques and dynamics make it possible to enjoy working. It is the so-called serious game. This may come as a surprise to some, but it is precisely this playful aspect that makes them very effective tools, as they maintain better attention and interest, favoring deep reflection and real progress. Art for Life designs and guides the process to always keep an eye on the horizon.

    Depending on your objectives, Art for Life designs the sessions and work processes combining different techniques and tools to:

    • Solve people-centred strategic challenges.
    • Work on attitudes, gain skills and competencies.
    • Get a deep understanding of complex issues that require a different approach.

    Art for Life

    Discover the methodological tools used by Art for Life:

    1. Design Thinking

    An innovation process focused on providing solutions to the needs of users. It imitates the product design process, posing challenges and provoking idea generation. It includes creative prototyping techniques so that creativity is present in all phases.

    Explore with Design Thinking the current reality in a deep way and ideate in group. Look for needs where they occur and reverse your usual way of thinking.

    2. Creativity techniques

    Creativity, the ability to improve the environment, is vital to find solutions both inside and outside organizations. Creativity techniques are aimed at generating ideas and training divergent thinking.

    While brainstorming is the best known, there are many other tools to come up with new ideas. The key is to select the right tool and to know how to use it in facilitated sessions.

    The techniques allow the team to generate ideas in a short time and stimulate creativity, which yields results beyond the session itself because it sets divergent thinking in motion.

    3. Visual Thinking

    Visual Thinking is used to involve people, better understand problems and reveal blind spots.

    Transforming information into images or images into information. Its strength lies in the fact that graphic elements facilitate the understanding of ideas and concepts.

    Art for Life goes further: it uses the power of visual metaphors, to share complex ideas and concepts, integrate the diversity of visions and create new realities in teams.

    Gamestorming or decision-making “serious games”.

    Gamestorming is a mix between game and brainstorming. The goal is innovation through play, structured and guided. It is named “serious game”. Because gamification - playfulness applied to practical issues - lightens work processes and turns them into an exciting exploration.

    In a professional context, using serious play in a group generates significant changes. A well-designed and facilitated process turns uncertainty into motivation.

    Gamestorming is the methodology that helps you focus on goals and allows you to enable participation and ideas: moving forward through work activities that are as fun as they are effective.

    5. MetAdology Art for Life.
    To learn by doing and
    do by learning

    Where does the name come from? In epistemology - the study of human knowledge - the prefix META is used when referring to something of its own category. If metalanguage is the language that refers to language, the methodology for inventing and learning methodologies is... METAdology.

    It is the key to start from scratch, listen to you in each process and, depending on what is needed, establish a flexible structure that fits the organization like a globe.

    Do you need to introduce changes in the way your organization works?

    Do you want your team members to learn how to use this type of tools?

    Contact Art for Life and design a customized experience for your organization.

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