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    And if you prefer to come over,Urgull 4, 48991 Getxo. Bizkaia

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    Miren Lauzirika
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    Art for Life

    It's a consulting firm full of ideas, for your team to generate their own.

    Art for Life works with a single raw material: people's creativity.

    Building ideas provokes emotions, generates complicity, creates bridges.
    Art for Life gives voice to that creativity.

    For Art for Life, creativity is universal. A capacity that can be developed and trained. Because work can be more dynamic and cooperative.

    The most diverse sectors you can imagine work with Art for Life: All of them have something important in common: people with potential, and the need to change the usual way of thinking.

    For more than 10 years Art for Life has been helping with facilitation methodologies and experiential training to bring ideas and talent to life. The experience also allows the creation of methodologies to solve all kinds of creative and decision-making processes.

    Art for Life! helps hundreds of professionals who, through these organizations, reach results by connecting with their creativity in record time.

    You can too. Contact Art for Life.

    If your organization aspires to work from a more inspiring and authentic perspective, it's time to contact Art for Life.

    As important as "what" is "how"

    Art for Life starts each process by listening to your needs. Truly tailor-made. Then we offer tools that can be incorporated into everyday life.

    Art for Life. About Miren Lauzirika.

    I am Miren Lauzirika.

    You and I have something in common. We know how important it is to keep creativity in shape. It's the basis of everything. It's what gives meaning to our lives. And our work. Creativity is being, observing, thinking, evaluating, materializing, reformulating, communicating, feeling.

    For more than 10 years I have been working as a consultant for organizations like yours. I am excited about designing and facilitating, rethinking, drawing new horizons. Working with people who evolve. I see the sparkle in their eyes. I enjoy the processes, the searches, I perceive the greatness of small changes in perspective.

    When I draw ideas, sketch innovation processes, while listening to the needs of each project, it is a way of helping to think. I am passionate about the aha! moments that follow. The ideas that emerge when you change your point of view. Exploring new territories.

    I live with enthusiasm both to make the imagination sprout and to help projects become true. The day-to-day in such different contexts and sectors, helping to unveil questions and facilitating such diverse processes allows me to evolve. I am aware that I have a privileged view of organizations and the people who make them up. Thus, in each session I discover fascinating people creating together.

    Miren Lauzirika works as part of a network

    You and I are a team. If the type of project you want needs a larger dimension, Art for Life is connected to a solid network made up of partners with whom I have collaborated for years. Related companies, specialists in their field that complement what each project demands: digital marketing, event organization, audiovisual production, brand consulting, among others.

    Check my professional experience here or contact me

    Miren Lauzirika

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