A secret agency goes to the museum to think

Is it a secret agency? Not exactly. LaTapadera is a creative studio that works with key brands. They have no secrets, but yes, access to their studio-gallery-loft is only possible with movie spy clues. They do branding, campaigns, advertising and more with a highly artistic component.

We share with you the experience of the first time we worked together.


Objectives to work on:

  • To be more involved in the processes of other people and departments.
  • To take perspective of the interrelation of processes that are carried out in each project.
  • That the team obtains a more integral vision of the organization and its strategy.
  • Reinforce individual and collective creative potential.


Needs detected regarding methodology or "how":

  • To work creatively to achieve these strategic objectives. 
  • The process must be in line with the identity of the creative studio.
  • The want to work with the whole team.


Actions carried out:

Experiential training: Productive and inspiring reflection on individual and collective creative habits. To become aware of how we apply creativity on a daily basis and keys to optimize it (even more).

Creative consulting: A reflection process to improve the customer experience and to observe using visual language the interrelation of processes that help the clients achieve their objectives.

Art Thinking at work: Creative consulting in a museum. The methodology that uses works of art as a visual metaphor of challenges to work on, applied to optimize the engagement between different parts of the processes. To take perspective of the company's strategy and encourage a creative and productive reflection. In each artwork a sub-theme was worked on, and the process ended with the creation of visual conclusions by each participant, in art-fact format.


Benefits obtained:

  • A quality space-time: The team sharing and learning together, working on the important not urgent, i.e., the strategic.
  • Greater awareness of the connection between processes. The importance of the parts in the conformation of the whole.
  • Increased awareness of processes from the customer perspective.
  • Increased awareness of the power of individual and collective influence on creative processes.
  • Learning tools to optimize creativity, working with all departments.


And also:

Working with creative methodologies makes the process light and more motivating.

It shows that it is possible to work on strategic issues with good humor, participation and focus.

A clear and dynamic structure allows to deepen and advance in a few sessions.

Generating a moment of mutual listening facilitates the integration of the company's vision.

Moment of individual reflection during the training at LaTapadera, minutes before starting to work as a team with Miren Lauzirika from Art for Life.

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