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    What are they for and how do they work?

    Do you need to get more out of teamwork? This is the reason for choosing a participatory methodology. Because people become active agents, protagonists of the process, rather than just listeners.

    Participatory methodologies mean that the final result does not depend only on a few people. Collective intelligence makes the difference.

    What is worked with participatory methodologies?

    Self-knowledge, key to
    creative self-esteem.

    Team cohesion and
    quantity of ideas.

    Broadening the perspective and
    nurturing achievable projects.

    The playful approach of participatory tools and methodologies is precisely what makes them highly effective. It is to think of the work as a joint creative process. Structuring and accompanying it is an art.

    Get to know the participatory tools used by Art for Life in its sessions.

    How can you apply participatory methodologies in your organization?

    Art for Life uses participatory methodologies in:

    • Team decision making.
    • Training plans.
    • Innovative coaching programs.

    It explores in company to reveal blind spots and enrich the missing point of view from within.

    Each proposal is designed starting from the end: the objective. From there, the structured and flexible process is built. And facilitating it is like creating a collective work in which everyone does their part. If working is also creating, why not do it as a team?

    Art for Life designs participatory methodologies where the ideation of each project is based on the analysis of the needs of both the organization and the end-user.

    That is why it is important to start by listening to what you need, because each objective and context is different.

    Art for Life deploys a process oriented step by step towards that end, aligned with the detected needs. For this, different methodological tools are combined to reach your goal.

    Art for Life's experience in such diverse contexts makes the process unique.

    What do participatory methodologies do for your organization?

    • Propose a unique collective creative process.
    • Divide the process into phases to increase energy and productivity.
    • Generate cohesion and emotional connection.
    • Convert needs into creative solutions.

    Because in any process of reflection, decision making or learning, the practical and the emotional needs to be aligned. Art for Life makes it possible.

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