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    What are the benefits of participatory methodologies?

    Using participatory methodologies in organizations triggers the creative potential and the ability to decide because they unite creative with rational thinking.

    Make the most of time: With these methodologies, the group moves forward while awakens motivation and meaningful learning.

    Allows people to contribute what they know. Through key questions, it also brings to the surface the unknown unknowns of the team, a crucial awareness to evolve.

    A context of exchange of experiences and information is generated: shared and deep knowledge.

    And this in turn brings another benefit. Create and strengthen interpersonal relationships: As the work dynamics are oriented to unite the creative with the rational, this "aha!” generates complicity and involvement. Because steps are taken on important issues in a pleasant way, and mutual listening is a reality.

    Art for Life

    As important
    as "what" is "how".

    In the sessions facilitated by Art for Life you create a microclimate filled with that atmosphere that is equal parts efficient and inspiring.

    Discover the benefits of working with participatory methodologies in your organization:

    Benefit from participatory methodologies

    Create a healthy environment

    Imagina la diferencia al generar un espacio libre de juicio crítico excesivo. Art for Life trabaja con «tensión positiva» y es lo que permite dar pasos significativos en un tiempo limitado.

    Encourages cohesion among people.

    Each participant has a different perspective, motivations and needs. When these diverse visions feel comfortable to be themselves, the team explores more together and discovers new scenarios.

    Activate individual talents

    Through games and exercises that seek to generate awareness, individual and collective reflections emerge. It is moving from the EGOsystem to the ECOsystem.

    One step beyond in the way of thinking

    Participatory methodologies get people to focus on what is really important.

    Art for Life shares with you a resolute vision of creativity:

    When the group's ideas are ill-defined, it puts all the necessary tools into action to bring them down to the concrete.

    If the atmosphere during the process is too stuck to business as usual, the group dynamics bring out the imagination.

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