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    Creative consultancy

    "Creativity is about doing, but doing from a position of being."

    Amy Whitaker, writer.

    Art for Life consultancy helps your organisation gain new perspectives.


    • You need to address a people-centred challenge.
    • You are looking to lead with an innovative approach.
    • Your work process needs an external vision.

    Discover creative consultancy

    If you are working, you are creating. Creative consultancy projects are designed to feed the inspiration, the network and strengthen the muscle of making.


    This type of consultancy approaches each project as a structured creative process. The process also focuses on tackling transversal aspects such as unlocking creative potential, optimizing teamwork and raising awareness of limiting thoughts.

    This project designed in 2016 combined consultancy and training

    Creative consultancy facilitates the exploration and discovery of key issues with innovative methodological tools. Creative thinking is the starting point. And changing the way your teams work reduces frustration and increases motivation.

    Art for Life designs and facilitates a strategic thinking process using flexible methodologies. This ultimately helps you and your team make decisions, facilitates participation and opens the door to outcomes that are transformative and reached by consensus.

    Art for Life creates and coordinates programmes specifically designed for the public sector to develop professional and entrepreneurial skills in their community, focusing first on the needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Entrepreneurship is a creative and life-changing process. For that reason, the programmes are designed from a creative consultancy perspective to boost local talent, encourage idea generation as well as create and consolidate businesses or specific industries.

    Public or private organisations that want to generate new ideas in their community that respond to the needs of the market and/or society, may need synergy sessions.

    When different people create together in a respectful atmosphere, they build trust, which enables ideas to emerge. From there, a consultancy process supports people to develop the ideas into real projects.

    For those who believe that it is increasingly necessary to devote quality time to key issues. Group sessions for individual thinking are aimed at sectoral clusters, public bodies and professional associations.

    Art for Life proposes creative tools and individual creative exercises that have been designed to enable each individual to make progress and then share their learning within the group.

    The topic is always something the participants have in common. That way, the subsequent group reflection allows for privacy on sensitive issues at the same time that participants can share priority issues. This creates a climate of empathy all the while getting work done.

    Are you looking for solutions to shape a specific process or objective?


    Do you want your organisation to learn how to use tools that help multiply your creativity and turn it into results?

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