Why should networking be facilitated? From nEtworking to nOtworking

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Events bring people together, to meet professionals from other sectors or from your own field, meetings with the aim of finding clients, alliances... but, if you have participated in a few, you will have noticed the difference. The big difference.


Many people who have attended Art for Life networking sessions tell me that they have felt good while, in other events, the feeling has been "oh, glups, I don't know anyone, where to start?". This often results in accumulating cards from strangers rather than exploring the full potential that can unfold when two professionals establish a trusting relationship.


When I facilitate events to expand networking and synergy-seeking sessions, I have a clear objective. The main thing is to help the group to cohere quickly and smoothly, and to generate an atmosphere of trust with contrasted dynamics, so that people feel comfortable. In this way, each person comes into contact with significant profiles that interest him or her, because there is an open-mindedness brought about by the context, and with whom he or she establishes a professional bond in a relaxed atmosphere.


You never know when you might need a contact. Perhaps now is not the ideal moment, but next year, when a larger or more unusual project comes your way, you will need not only to contact that person, but even to carry it out with the certainty that the moment you met is a positive memory. This is how good connections are made, with the ingredients that favor knowing the other person's way of thinking and potential.


It is what I call "not-working", when you work efficiently but enjoy yourself so much that you seem to be at leisure. 


Only by generating spaces of trust can we create the optimal environment to move forward in common projects. We do business with people we have detected as interesting and in whom we see the possibility of trusting.

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