Train your gaze and observe yourself.

In this constant infoxication, in which the mind is involuntarily invaded by hundreds of images every day, I see the summer and leisure time as an opportunity to relearn to look and observe oneself.

To look, but not at the cell phone, but to train the aesthetic gaze, the contemplation of things that, in the usual day to day, perhaps go unnoticed because there is a noise, visual or mental, that prevents us from observing in depth.

When I refer to training aesthetic contemplation, I am talking about looking with an artistic perspective, to see beauty in the broad sense. The ugly is also beautiful, if it has that something that disturbs us, interests us, awakens things in us, provokes questions in us.

Directing the look beyond

Whether we travel far or near this summer or, even if we do not embark on adventures, we must remember that art is located in the gaze, it is in the one who observes.

Contemplating makes us more present, fuller people, it connects us with art and awakens in each of us the spirit of the artist that dwells within. It turns everything into art. In a museum open 24/7. It allows us to see funny, shocking or curious things where other people see nothing.

«Un árbol se revela a un/a artista solo cuando el/la artista puede establecer una relación con el árbol. Si no estamos presentes por completo, es posible que miremos a nuestros compañeros humanos sin verlos, de la misma manera que podemos mirar un árbol y no verlo realmente». Thich Nhat Hanh

Changing the way we see makes us question reality, makes us broaden our gaze. It inspires us for things in our work, in life, in everything. 

You know the best thing? It only takes intention, it doesn't cost money, it doesn't take material time, it's an attitude, a chip that, for me, is very similar to happiness.

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