Notes on creativity. Because 'Creare humanum est'

Creativity is a personal and social phenomenon, a capacity that transforms us and transforms our world. Inherent in every human being, it is like a muscle, since everyone has it and can develop it.

The more aware we are of our own creative potential, the easier it is to believe in it and, therefore, the easier it is to train it. Also in times of creative drought.

Creativity is also knowing that ingenuity is in me. Even if I don't see it now.

The key is to become aware of the moment you are in and what is necessary in each phase you are in. It also helps to know what makes you feel more in touch with your creativity and what takes you away from it.

The development of one's creativity is embodied in all areas of life. A greater deployment of your creativity is associated with higher levels of self-satisfaction and self-realization, although creativity involves emotional processes, ups and downs, stops ... The process is organic, it connects you with your essence, it helps you develop as a person.

Although you may doubt, the answer is yes. In the professional field, creativity makes it clear that what you do has a meaning, nourishes you and allows you to bring the best to the people around you. 

Creativity is exploring, daring, investigating, filling and emptying yourself with ideas, letting yourself be surprised, not conforming. It is also linked to observe the process you are in from a clean point of view, away from an excessively limiting judgment. Critical judgment and fear take you out of your creative state, while your own judgment and thinking "I am aware of my fears, I take them into account, but still, I allow myself to do it" can push you to make things happen.

Optimal and ideal creative states are moments, and they happen after crossing deserts of "I don't know if I can do it", overcoming stones called "I don't know if I'll be able to" and walking on swampy grounds that hint "what if it goes wrong" ...

When the goal is clear, the fear felt in the previous state is directly proportional to the satisfaction of the post.

As the Basque artist Jorge Oteiza said, "art does not belong to those who are artists, just as the sky does not belong to those who are astronomers". 

If you replace the word art with creativity, you will see that indeed anyone in the organization can adopt this attitude of observing their environment in order to improve it. 

Do you want to start down the path of exploration so that your team can unleash its creative potential?

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