Does your team know where the company is going? It's in your hands to have a cohesive team.

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What is more typical than guessing? Assuming, i.e. generating our own version of what is really going on, is often a very common attitude in the working world. Many people in their organizations complain about the lack of involvement of their staff, their lack of perspective. They demand more global vision and assume that the staff already has all the necessary information for this.

And yet, how much time is really spent on explaining, inspiring the people in that team, listening to their needs for the future and giving them the overview they so desperately need? An organization is made up of people. If you want them all to move in the same direction, you need a cohesive and informed team. And one that knows where that ship is heading.

How do you get a cohesive team for your company? What are the keys to creating a conducive work environment?

Think about your workplace. It may be worthwhile to set up facilitated sessions to inspire, in order to make this strategic plan more participatory. Year after year, you make an effort to keep it up to date and current, but have you ever stopped to think when was the last time you shared it with your team? Sometimes our brain plays tricks on us and we have the feeling that we have told it a lot, but maybe the last time was two or three years ago. And then there have been nuances, new people have joined, circumstances have changed.

Asking questions, being open to well-directed and focused participation, helps to incorporate the organization's plan as one's own. The first step to achieve a cohesive team is to make them see and feel that they play a fundamental role, they are key pieces to achieve the goals set. They are part of the "how".

Communication is a vital first step to get your team, in a motivated way, to feel part of this strategy. If it is accompanied by facilitated sessions, you will achieve a common purpose.

The moment you know whether the boat is heading northeast or northwest, people row with greater awareness. They have seen the map and know approximately how much time is left to complete each stage, therefore they manage their energy better and modulate their motivation.

Take the step of sharing the vision with the entire organization, no matter how large it is. Have you thought about whether you need someone specialized to help you with the task?

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