Ideas for a well-trained team

Every year, the Training or HR departments have the same question in their head: what will be the training plan for next year? How to get people involved in training and be able to give them something different to keep them motivated, their genuine interest to stay up to date?

If you are thinking of options to go one step further, great! It is no longer enough with What (training) but it is essential to focus on What For (objectives) and How (methodologies). This is what makes it possible to observe major changes that have a positive influence on the team, because it also favors soft skills.

What would you like to achieve for the people in your organization? If your answer has to do with favoring the involvement and motivation of your team and the improvement of their personal and team competencies, let's continue.

Training methodologies, positive impact on your team

It is vital that training plans, rather than focusing on content, focus on optimizing people's potential. Their attitude. So that they feel good about giving their best, happy to achieve results. 

To achieve this, the ways of learning must change. Choose training actions that connect with your company's purpose, that awaken a proactive attitude through the methodology itself, that work on participation from the coherence with what you want to achieve. And why not, that also serves to unite the team. In other words, to achieve a conducive environment, so that they get along better with each other by having stimulating experiences in common, that excite them and make them connect, leaving egos in the drawer and awakening emotions and creativity, activating work endorphins.

What if all this were possible, in addition, by training in useful topics that concern them, and what if feasible ideas that have a positive impact on processes and results came out of it? 

Making strategic decisions that affect training plans have a positive influence on the people in the team. Think creatively and you will draw a horizon that will make a difference in the future of your organization!

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