Three company styles, which one is yours? Are you motivated for change?

Time goes by fast, very fast. It doesn't end one week and start the next, does it? How often do you think about doing something in your company that can make a difference?. Something useful, strategic, something for your team to be better organized, to relate more empathetically, to have better ideas... but of course, when to do it, if there is no time?

Three types of company, which organizational style do you identify with?

We can categorize organizations according to their sensitivity to detect aspects to improve and according to their ability to solve them. We know that changes are not easy to face, but the first step is to become aware of them. Then, start to make a space in your mind and in the agenda.

There are companies that know that something is wrong and are waiting for it to change on its own. They are left complaining. They are paralyzed to deal with any kind of change and ignore the need for it. Because they can more or less deal with the day to day, putting out fires, even though this is not what they really want or what is necessary.

There are others who, although they know that it would be good for them to stop, reflect and think more - and better - about the future they want, they do not see it clearly. They get caught up in their daily lives and postpone any kind of reflection until a crisis shakes them. They think that this type of reflection will take a long time, when experience shows that a well-designed and facilitated participatory process is exciting, involving and very agile. In just a few weeks it is possible to generate a fruitful dialogue and gather interesting reflections in order to face the future with greater cohesion.

The third type of companies are those that, knowing how difficult it is for many people to reflect in order to hear what they need to hear, they trace a path that will lead them to the future. They set out on the road. Despite the difficulty, they do it, and they face change in a progressive way. And creatively . They are aware that this new way of doing things is key and will be the one that really makes the difference. Along the way they realize that the willingness to change and learn new tools gives them energy, they can evolve while thinking and think while evolving as an organization. They really understand that they have not stopped, but that the process itself has given them vitamins.

There must always be a space, no matter how small, for what is important, what is strategic, the engine that drives the team and the company. Attending to it means gaining time.

Working life flies by, hence the importance of addressing challenges in the right way, engaging. Involving people and spreading the enthusiasm to explore something at the right time.

By the way, have you already thought about which of these three companies you work for, and which of them you would like to be?

Between reality and desires there is a very valuable space. If you think there's something that can make things better at your job, do what you can to get it on the agenda. You'll thank yourself in time.

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